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  1. Rachel says:

    Hi there, the link to your instructions seems to be broken and the contact pqge
    for the purchase of the 2-seat system doesnt appear to work properly either 🙁
    Culd u please fix these or alternatively email me with prices and/or contact details.
    Cheers, Rachel

  2. Carla Jehle says:

    I participated in one of your workshops in Nelson early this year. We have a temporary bucket system while we are building our house. We have a wheelie bin which is full now and we are about the let the liquid out on the bottom tap. Here are our questions:

    1. Where is a safe area to pour the liquid on?
    2. Is is better to dilute it first?
    3. How much liquid should be poured on the top of the heap in the wheelie bin? How do we determine the right level of moisture?
    4. There are a lot of little flies (like fruit flies) in the bin? Do we just put more grass clippings and saw dust on it? Other suggestions?
    5. Which chapter in the “Humanure” book talks about the liquid?

    Your help is much appreciated and I loved your workshop at the Nelson Environment Centre,


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