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CHEAP wheelie bins available.

“thousands”of 120Lts and 240Lts wheelie bins (probably ex Invercargill City Council) are awaiting shredding for plastic recycling. We expect that we will get a number of bins from them (both sizes) for free and more of them for a small cost ($5 to $10), but we do not know yet how much freighting to ChCh will be. We want to secure a decent number of bins so please get in touch.

Magnus Koldau

Jane Aistrope

Also Payless Plastics Marshland Rd (Shirley, ChCh, next to Bunnings) is closing down and  everything is half price, plastic jerry can taps which are ideal if you want to compost in your wheelie bin are $2.95 ea.

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  1. where did you look for the ingredients?

  2. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

  3. What needed to be done is available maximum materials at the most appropriate prices.

  4. gunter says:

    Hi there,
    I came to last night’s workshop where you mentioned the availability of wheelie bins. Would you be able to give me details as to where to get them/collect them from?

  5. Jane says:


    I am attempting to have some wheelie bins (of the green and yellow sizes) brought up from Invercargill. This is to fit in with the compost toilet system shown on this website. If you are interested in finding some wheelie bins this is a great opportunity as they are relatively inexpensive and maybe even free. There is a limited time frame for availability of these bins so get in touch with me asap;

    Also, Stephen from Total Bin Supplies in Christchurch, has 20L pails with the lids cut out for a toilet seat. He is selling these for $20 for those who don’t want to spend $50 making a wooden box with toilet seat like we did last weekend. They would be good for those with a small toilet cubicle and useful for camping trips down the track. I will post a photo shortly.

    As for me, the toilet box is working a treat! I highly recommend this solution for the long term and thank you to the Compost Toilets for Christchurch team and Tim for organising the workshops.

    Can anyone confirm for me, where the portaloos are being emptied?


  6. lisa says:

    Gidday Magnus,

    I’ve asked Matt to send you the list from the workshop. Unfortunately a few people had writing that was too difficult to read.

    So to anyone reading this – if you came to the new brighton workshop on 17th of June , and haven’t heard from us since, then we might have mis-read your email address. Please get in touch if you want to be included on any updates.

    I’d also encourage you all to start using this website as a forum for your conversations. It might be a good way to support each other as you develop your home composting systems.


  7. Magnus Koldau says:

    Hello Lisa,
    this is Magnus Koldau . We have been at the workshops in New Brighton. Jane Aistrope is having her hand on some number of wheelie bins coming from Invercargill, for giving to people who want to start composting or who need more bins. Jane has been trying to email people, but a number of emails (including yours ) bounced.
    Can you give us your email address?
    Do you have a email address list of people who attended the workshops?

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