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  1. greg inwood says:

    hi mary.
    sorry for the late response! 🙂
    more hands make light work! contact matt king in otaki. his contact is here

  2. Sona says:


    I am a student of Sustainable development in tropics and subtropics, I am from the Czech republic and I am searching for the project about composting toilets in Indonesia, because I would like to do the research about that for my diploma thesis. Please, do you know about any or are you planning to do any this year? I would be very grateful for any advice. Thank you.


    • greg inwood says:

      hi sona, have you read the humanure hand book by joe jenkins? its a great start to your humanure compost education 🙂 there is a ton of info on the net. do you compost your own humanure? thats is the best way to learn. if you learn to sort yourself out, making a bigger process is way easier. hope this helps
      regards greg

  3. Carla Jehle says:

    I participated in one of your workshops in Nelson early this year. We have a temporary bucket system while we are building our house. We have a wheelie bin which is full now and we are about the let the liquid out on the bottom tap. Here are our questions:

    1. Where is a safe area to pour the liquid on?
    2. Is is better to dilute it first?
    3. How much liquid should be poured on the top of the heap in the wheelie bin? How do we determine the right level of moisture?
    4. There are a lot of little flies (like fruit flies) in the bin? Do we just put more grass clippings and saw dust on it? Other suggestions?
    5. Which chapter in the “Humanure” book talks about the liquid?

    Your help is much appreciated and I loved your workshop at the Nelson Environment Centre,


    • greg inwood says:

      hi carla,
      sorry about the delay in answering your questions 🙂
      now i’m not an expert in wheelie bin composting. we prefer to go for the pellet box system as we have plenty of space to process your humanure.
      q1/ i’d put the liquid back onto the top of the pile in the wheelie bin and keep doing this well after you’ve finished adding your last amount of humanure and it’ll eventually all soak/evaporate up/off.
      q2/ if you put it back in the wheelie bin then no. have you got worms in your wheelie bin? if not then get some and put them in and see how they do.
      q3/ moisture level should be on average: if you took a handful of your mix, you want it, when hand pressed in one hand, you know, fist gripped, it should go drip drip drip. thats about the level of moisture your looking for.
      q4/not sure about the wee flys. the grass clipping your putting on, are they fresh or dry? dry would be better. better still would be old forest litter. the stuff thats already decomposed. by adding this stuff you’ll be adding an enormous amount of fungus and bacteria which will add to your mix and serve your compost well… if you don’t want the flys maybe cover the compost with some sort of breathable mterial. though i’d
      q5/ can’t remember… read the book! 🙂
      thanks for coming to our workshop and for enjoying it!

  4. mary hulme-moir says:

    Hey, I’m really interested in what you guys are doing with the emergency composting toilets. I live in Titahi Bay porirua and very interested in finding out more about your system and in getting the word out to the community. If you do any more workshops (I missed the last one) I would love to come along, but I can also offer a spare pair of hands to promote, support make cups of tea etc if it fits in with my days off. Keen to see this information presented in Porirua and wondering if you have had any dealings with Porirua City Council ?

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