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  1. Caren says:

    Thank you, this information is most helpful.

    Do you have printable instructions for the steps to make the humanuare safe to use in the garden/yard?


  2. Ole Ersson says:

    Hi Greg and Lisa,
    This is regarding your web page:
    In it you provide a very polished pdf file of the instruction manual for a bucket composting toilet. You also mention you are making it available under a creative commons agreement.
    I am wondering if I could get the source for this to prepare my own version of a manual for a system I am developing in our ecovillage community? I would of course credit your efforts and my version would also be available as part of the creative commons, including my plans for a system that meets the 2015 International Building Code. We have developed a composting system for which we intend to apply for a building permit under this code in Portland, Oregon, USA, where we are located. This is a very exciting development as, to my knowledge, the bucket toilet system has never received such official approval.
    I would be happy to share details of this if you are interested. I am working with a local group called Recode (Oregon) focused on ecosanitation improvements that was instrumental in getting this groundbreaking code approved for such a wide jurisdiction.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Thea Simays says:

    Hi there,

    I am trying to get in contact with James Bellamy from Whangarei. Can you help???

    Thea Simays

  4. Here in Portland, Oregon PHLUSH continues to be inspired by and build upon your efforts. Hazard assessments say repair of sewer systems after an M8.5 Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake will take between 6 to 36 months depending on location. So there is interest in your work and our adaption of the Twin Bucket Emergency Toilet in other west coast cities, particularly Seattle.

    Thanks for your help. A special hello to James Bellamy.

  5. Lorna Revis says:

    I can’t get to any of these workshops but want to hear about future workshops on composting toilets in ChCh

  6. Wow, awesome site. At last I have come over and had a look. Good on you folk, you are doing the good work.

    • greg inwood says:

      hi jacinda,

      thanks for the feed back :) are you composting your humanure compost? are you on board? the benefits are nutritious! and can even be delicious! you wouldn’t think that ay… but its true :)

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